What is the benefit of using QuickBooks Online to sync with Connecteam?

The QuickBooks Online (QBO) integration allows Connecteam users to export timesheets from Connecteam to their QBO account’s time activity. If you use QBO to manage payroll and invoices then integrating Connecteam and QBO will add accuracy and save you time.

How does the QuickBooks Online integration work with Connecteam?

Shift logged into the Connecteam time clock can be exported through the Launch Pad to QBO. When you choose the ‘export to QuickBooks Online’ option you will be asked to pair your Connecteam and QBO accounts. Once paired, you can export timesheets from Connecteam and have them logged as time activity in QBO. Note that you’ll need to repeat this process for every export.

Is an email address necessary in QuickBooks Online in order to export timesheets?

Yes. In order to export timesheets from Connecteam to QBO there needs to be a matching email address in both systems for each user. If your users do not have an email address in QBO you will not be able to export timesheets.
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Why do I need to repeatedly pair Connecteam and QuickBooks Online?

Not really. Pairing Connecteam and QBO needs to done every 100 days so you won't have to repeatedly pair Connecteam and QBO.

Can Connecteam change my company file information? 

No. Connecteam only send time activity to QBO.

Does Connecteam import information from QuickBooks Online?

No. At this time, you can only send time activity to QBO and cannot add information from QBO to Connecteam. However, we are planning to add the option of importing employees from QBO to Connecteam in the near future.

Can I track my time as billable within Connecteam?

No. At this time, you cannot send hours as billable or unbillable. However, we are planning on adding this option in the near future.

Can employees add notes to their timesheets?

Yes. Notes added to shifts in the Connecteam Time Clock will be automatically added to the respective time activity in QBO.

I exported my employee's time to QuickBooks but had to make adjustments to the timesheet in QuickBooks. Will those changes sync in Connecteam?

No. time activity adjusted in QBO does not get imported into Connecteam.

Can I review the hours before it gets sent to QuickBooks?

Yes. You can review each timesheet in the Time Clock asset of your Launch Pad. In addition, you can use the Launch Pad to select a Workflow template for ‘Timesheet Confirmation’ and assign the template to your employees. Each conformation can be reviewed prior to exporting timesheets to QBO.

I’m trying to export to QuickBooks Online and getting a timesheet conflict, what do I do?

Timesheet conflicts happen because some or all of the employees you have added as users in Connecteam do not have corresponding employee records in QBO.

You can fix this by adding the employees to QBO. Another option is to export all timesheets to QBO except the employee timesheets of those employees who do not appear in QBO. You can do this by clicking the ‘Export Anyway’ button in the ‘Timesheet conflict’ screen.

I’m trying to export to QuickBooks Online and getting an ‘open shift notification’, what do I do?

The ‘open shift notification’ appears when one or more employees have not clocked out from a specific shift. In most cases, the open shift would be today’s shift, which, in that case, you would need to change the date range accordingly. Choosing to ‘Export Anyway’ exports all employee timesheets to QBO EXCEPT those that have open shifts in them.

If I'm having trouble with my Connecteam and QuickBooks Online integration, how do I get problems resolved?

For any kind of difficulties with the Connecteam and QBO integration you can contact us via email or by clicking on the chat icon on the lower right hand side of your Launch Pad screen.


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