Shift attachments let you add items such as equipment used, mileage covered, and more to a shift. Shift attachments work to compliment tags. 

To create a shift attachment, navigate to the Time Clock settings. Once you have completed a shift attachment, make sure to click done and save changes.
Shift attachments can only be produced from the Launch Pad. 

Employees will not be able to create shift attachments from the mobile app.

In an employee's timesheet in the Launch Pad, a shift attachment appears as a column. Manually add the shift attachment columns by selecting them from the drop down table menu like shown below.

When exporting a timesheet, shift attachments are visible only if you export the data as a timesheet and not as payroll totals.

On the mobile app, an employee can complete a shift attachment after clocking in and selecting a tag. The employee can select any shift attachment created by a manager or admin in the launch Pad. All shift attachments will be available to all employees assigned to the Time Clock.

Adding pictures to a shift as a shift attachment will be available soon. 

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