Once you have created a schedule , there are a couple of tips for you to work better and faster! Check them out:

Copy previous week

If you use the scheduler with a weekly view, you can copy any previous week.

If shifts repeat from one week to another, or are very similar, the copy previous week action will come in handy. You can use the copy previous week for all the scheduler or for specific users.

If you are using the day view, you can copy the previous day

Repeat a shift

If you have a recurrent shift, the repeat shift option will be helpful. Decide if you want to repeat the shift daily, weekly or monthly and when to end the shift.


Help your employees by adding the shift's location. They can open the location on a map in their mobile phones.

Multi Duplicate

Easily duplicate a shift. Once you use the multi duplicate option, the duplicated shifts will remain unpublished. Remember to publish them :)

Attach Files and Notes

You can attache both files and notes for your employees. For example, you could attach an invoice or a picture of how the finished job should look.
For Restaurants, you could attach the dish of the day or any valid deals for the week.


Publish all unpublished shifts

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