You have created content and you are ready to deploy your app, that's great! You have a couple of options to invite your employees to the app and a new option that we have just released 😄

If you do not have a company data base with your employee's phone numbers or if you are part of an medium to big company, this option will be great for you!

The "invitation link" allows you to share a link for employees to complete their personal information. Once employees have completed the link, you will receive their data as a "pending approval". Upon your approval, the employee will be added to the app.

You can send the invitation link through email or any platform that you are using in your company.

An invitation email could look as the following:

Now let's go over this simple process!

  1. Access your dashboard and click get invite link.

2.  Click copy link to share the link in any platform you wish. You can first send the link to your mobile to test it. First Name, Last name and Mobile phone are required field. You can also decide to set as required other custom fields.

3. Once employees start completing their personal data, you will receive the information as "approval pending" .
Review your approvals and upon your acceptance, employees can receive a text message invitation.
Custom fields that have a red outline have been set as required by you. You will need to complete them before clicking approve. You can also easily edit the employee's information by typing it. 

If you want employees to receive a text message invitation to download the app, keep the send an invite box checked.


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