Looking to create and share a custom training? That's great! With Connecteam you can create a share a super complete custom training, with different sections and a variety of objects, such as .PDF files, images, text, quizzes and surveys.

TIP: It is highly recommended to use the Custom feature. You can not only upload different objects but also check each object's status from the status table!

To start creating a training, add a Custom feature to your dashboard.

Create different trainings under the same feature or add a feature per each single training. To start, click the add new button.

Once you click add new, choose a name for your training and start adding content!

Once you have finished creating your training, you can publish it.

To check completion, check the status of each object from the status table:

5 Tips for your app:

  • Create an onboarding feature to save time and money for newly hired employees.
  • Use Custom to share files with your team and have it all under one roof. There‚Äôs no storage limit!
  • Create a knowledge base of files and build libraries, so employees have everything they need in any matter.
  • You can connect web-services and links to the app by coping and pasting the URL
  • Create a training course by adding multiple objects in one flow. For example, a PDF or text to read instructions, a video for visual explanation and a quiz to confirm knowledge.

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