The Advanced plan is a comprehensive package. In a nutshell, the advanced plan will help you automate your work. With this plan you have access to advanced capabilities. It starts at $59/month, billed as one annual payment.

The Advanced plan is recommended for companies of 50 or more employees. Also, for any company that wishes to keep their employee's records in the dashboard after archiving an employee (timesheets, for example) and for companies that wish to divide their employees into teams.

The Advanced plan gives you access to:

  • All basic features: Time Clock, Chat, Scheduling, Task-management, Workflows, Updates, Directory, Suggestion Box, Events, Survey, Quiz, Knowledge Base and Media and Files.
  • Duplicate content: save time by duplicating any app content. 
  • Archive content: keep the app organized by hiding old content and features from your app. You can restore your content at any time. 
  • Archive users: this capability allows you to keep the user's data and revokes the employee's access to the app.
  • Smart groups: Our most powerful capability. You can assign content automatically to users based on an advanced customizable rules. Read more about it here.
  • Managers permissions: Provide admins with a private and modified dashboard so they can engage the people they need with the features they want. Learn more here.
  • Advanced filtering: Use multiple and advanced filters across the system to gain valuable data and insights.
  • Advanced task-management capabilities: Create multiple tasks at once, duplicate a team task to a separate task for each user and modify who in the account can create tasks for others.

  • Advanced Directory: Modify and customize the directory to perfectly suit your business. Use available info and visibility. The available info is useful to hide/display certain details of a user. With visibility, you can hide a user entirely from all your employees.

  • Advanced Updates: Turn on/off comments and likes for updates.
  • Advanced Chat: Decide who can create new conversations or teams with highly advanced options.
  • Advanced Job Scheduling: set up notifications if a users did not accept/check in/complete a shift.

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