Open shifts will help you build your schedule a lot faster! You can now create an open shift and your employees can claim them on a first come firsts serve basis.

To create an open shift:

  1. Position yourself on the shifts without users row and hover your mouse over any day.
  2. Click the plus icon (+) to add a shift.
  3. Complete the shift details: time, title, location.
  4. Select enable users to claim this shift and choose the number of available spots.
  5. Click save and publish.

Now your open shift has been published.

Open shifts appear in the shifts without users row and have a blue square with a number on the left upper corner.

Open shifts are assigned in a first come first serve basis. Once an employee claims a shift, the shift will be added automatically to the employee's schedule.

Share this article with your employees so they can learn how to claim shifts :)

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