Send automatic, excel spreadsheet, reports of your workflow entries every once in a while according to your choice, and share it automatically with any email address you'd like!

For example: 

  • Send the Expenses Reimbursement Form's entries every two weeks at 10am to payroll department's email address
  • Send the New Leads Form's entries on the last day of each month at 2pm to the VP Sales' email address
  • Send Personal Information Update Form's entries every week, starting from 4/5/2019, to the HR manager's email address

Choose from plenty of options:

Decide what employee custom fields will be added to the report:

What's the benefit?

Save time on exporting entries manually by sending entries automatically to the right personals within your company so you can create a complete automated process easily and quickly. Once everything's set up, it will look something like that:

Create your workflow > assign it to employees > receive entries > manage status and notes for each entry > have employees automatically notified for changes and updates > receive or send an automated report of all entries, statuses and columns according to your settings

How to enable auto reports?

  • On your dashboard, access a workflow page
  • Click on Options > Settings
  • On the settings menu, choose auto reports
  • Check the Enable auto report box
  • Choose when to send the report
  • Choose who will receive the report
  • Decide if you wish to include managers columns in the reports (statuses, notes and persons) 

Auto reports are available in the Expert plan and above

Want to distribute your workflow entries in real-time?
ou can learn more about different distribution options in this article: "Workflow Information Flow Automation"

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