What are Workflows?

Workflows allows your employees to fill in reports, forms, checklists, requests, and more, all from their mobile app. You can create a Workflow by starting from scratch or build upon an existing template. Whether you create a new or edit and existing workflow, you can choose various 'building blocks', like free text, multiple choice, image uploads, documents scanner, digital signature, GPS location stamp and much more. All with an easy and intuitive drag & drop interface and a live mobile preview to to ensure the best user experience for your employees.

Step 1: After naming the Workflow, click on any of the objects on the left side, multiple choice, task, number, etc. to start adding elements to your Workflow.

Step 2: Type out your question/task/information, add a description if you wish, decide whether you would like to have it as a required field to fill in or not (by default it is set to required), and click confirm. 

Step 3: On the right side of the screen, you'll be able to see a Preview of how the Workflow will look like in app. This allows you to be certain that the Workflow looks exactly as you wish prior to saving the changes. 

As your employees submit the workflow, their entries are being saved and documented on your dashboard, and can be accessed whenever you need. The dashboard also helps to distinguish between entries, see response time, export all information to Excel or PDF files, track activity for each employee, send custom push notifications, and more.

See all entries by clicking on 'Show Entries'. You can also set your workflow settings, edit the workflow, edit the assignment, or archive the workflow, by entering Options

Track which employees have submitted the workflow and the ones that didn't, by using the FILTER option at the bottom of your workflow page.  You can also follow up with employees that didn't submit entries by checking the box next to their name and using the Notify option:

Statuses allows you to manage all information you receive from your employees directly from your dashboard. Update an entry's status with our fully customizable status column, add free text notes as a manager, and assign entries to other system admins so they can push tasks forward. All columns can be customized and upon choice, trigger automated push notifications to users to keep them posted on a status change or a comment made to their entry.

Your employees can always view their entry history directly from their mobile app. They can also be automatically notified whenever a status changes for an entry they’ve made or a manager note has been added that they should know about. In practice, it means your employees can know what their vacation request status is, if their service order was completed, if their expenses reimbursement form was approved, etc.

Statuses and notes can be added and edited to each workflow entry from the dashboard. 

By choosing to use the Workflow feature, you can go paperless and say goodbye to folders, scanners and faxes. In addition, using Workflows will improve compliance, standardize operating procedures for your out-of-office employees, and move your business forward.

Setting required fields ensures no one misses key tasks, and with automated push notification reminders there are no more excuses for not delivering high performance on time. 

Learn how to create your first Workflows here

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