You’ve just purchased one of the Connecteam packages, great job! Now what?

Successful adoption requires some time investment. Invest your time in the initial setup the rest will be smooth sailing.

Engaging Content

Start by creating engaging content. Engaging content will create buzz and activity that you can later leverage for engagement on less exciting content like company policies or payroll.

Getting the Word Out

One way to get the word out is with an App Ambassador. An ambassador is more than just a lofty title. The ambassador should be an employee that the team trusts, enjoys speaking in public, holds an axis position within the organisation, and has excellent knowledge of the app and its capabilities.

Creating some buzz for the app is very helpful before you ask employees to download it. So, if you have a company intranet, corporate email or even a board of announcements in your company, announcing the launch of the app using these channels will help create a buzz and minimise the time it takes to have all employees download it.

Your App Can Empower Your Employees

Remember, your app is a great way to improve and enhance team belonging and communication. For example, you can use the Updates feature to acknowledge employee’s achievements. A company get together, party or outdoor activity are splendid opportunities to use the Events feature.

Successful apps create welcome Updates and Surveys to engage employee sentiment with regards to the app.

Share proper training and tools that will improve performance and provide them with the tools they need and ask for to succeed. Every employee wants to feel valued and appreciated and Connecteam is a great tool to share your appreciation. 

Your News Room

Share in the excitement! Are you introducing new products in your company? Did you purchase new equipment that everyone’s been asking for? Are you planning to have a sale? Sharing is caring. Keep your employees updated, make them feel connected, and empower them to do a great job!


Full adoption usually takes between 2 to 6 weeks depending on the number of employees. 

Which assets should I add?

The answer to this question depends on your needs. That being said, our Chat asset is a great way to get employees involved in the conversation. The Directory is also a useful asset to enhance communication and it is very easy to activate. 

If you intend to import information at some point like PDF files, images or videos our Customize asset is a good choice. With Customize you can also create a training module. After adding all relevant information to the training module, you can for instance add a Quiz at the end to test their knowledge.

It’s recommended to display only the assets you need and are actively using in your app. 

General Tips

Consider the app as you would a social network. To keep employees engaged, you need to create and share engaging content. Engaging content can be a mix of daily working procedures, employee benefits info, and company updates that your desk-less workforce has been missing out on. 

You can and should use Assets like Updates to increase engagement. An image is always more appealing than text and more likely to be remembered. This asset is designed to engage in conversation and employees can like and comment on it.

Make sure to link all the relevant websites or company intranet to the app. Employees should be able to find all the information related to the company in the palm of their hands.

Design Suggestions

When you think of branding you usually think of it in relation to marketing but having a powerful “Employer Brand” can improve productivity and engagement too. Start by changing asset names in the sidebar of your Launch Pad, and customise icons and colors to match your company branding.  Successful apps customize assets to match their brand and unique needs. For example, Surveys can be changed to a more casual and informal title like: "We want to hear from you” if that’s a better cultural fit for your organisation.

Another tip involves profile pictures. Encourage the team to upload their profile pictures. It makes the app more personal and more fun to work with.

Involve your team

We will keep you posted about new features/updates that are added to the app. Make the team part of it by using the Update asset.

Push notifications are another great communication tool: They are easy, quick, and everybody’s used to them on their smartphones. 

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