If you want to measure overtime, you can do it with the Time Clock. Click the settings and choose between weekly overtime or daily overtime. After you selected the desired measure, click save changes.
Please note that by default, overtime is set to weekly with a 40 hour limit.
For the weekly total hours to be displayed, please check weekly total in your table options as below.

Weekly overtime + daily overtime

If you choose weekly overtime and check the daily overtime, overtime will run daily and weekly, but the reported overtime will be per week as the example below.
There will not be a column for daily overtime, only a weekly total under the overtime column.

As you can see below, although the employee did not reach the weekly overtime (more than 40 hours) there were days in which there was daily overtime and thus the person will have overtime for that week.
Note that days in which there is daily overtime, the daily total will appear in orange as an indicator of overtime.

Weekly overtime

If you decide to go for weekly overtime but you do not check daily overtime, overtime will only run and be reported weekly, regardless the hours worked per day.

In the example below, although the employee worked 10 or 11 hours in some days, overtime is only reported weekly.

Daily Overtime

If you choose daily overtime, overtime will accrue and be reported on a day to day basis only.

In all of the portrayed cases above, to export overtime to an Excel spreadsheet, please choose export > payroll totals. 

From the general settings, you can also activate a daily limit. The advantage of the daily limit, is that employees will receive a push notification displaying the message "you've reached the daily limit". It also works as a good reminder for employees to clock out.

Daily limit will be displayed in red. If you activate both daily limit and daily overtime,
the color priority will be given  to daily limit (red). Nevertheless, overtime will still be counted.
In the example below, daily limit is set to 12 hours and daily overtime is set to 9 hours. 

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