Smart groups are a new way to organize your employees. You can create different segments and add groups. Segments are comprised by smart groups. You can have as many segments and smart groups as you wish. 

In a nutshell, smart groups will help you automate your work. You can create smart groups based on rules -for example, tag is "bartenders" or custom field position is "managers".  Once the employee falls under the rules of a smart group, he/she will be automatically added to the smart group and will automatically receive all the information you've previously shared with the group.

Smart groups will help you:

  • Assign managers to a certain group

  • Automatically add and delete people from Team Chats

  • Automatically send content to users that fall under the rules of a smart group

  • Automatically block content from users that do not fall under the rules of the group.

Groups and segments will be created depending on certain rules. Check our tags and custom fields.

To add a new segment follow this simple steps:

  1. Click smart groups on your side bar.

  2. Click add segment.

  3. Name your segment.

  4. Done!

You can now add a group inside your new segment. 

  1. Click add group

  2. Name your group and add a description. Click next.

  3. Use the filters and tags to create your smart group and click next.

  4. The summary screen will show you filters and tags that apply to the group. Click confirm.

  5. Done!

If you do not select any tags or filters while creating a group, the group will contain all your users.

Note that now Smart Groups are created depending on tags or filters.

You can change the rules of any given group by clicking Edit filters.

Check the example below:

Hover your mouse over the segments to change their name. You can also change the name of your groups.

Segments are very easy to manage. Collapse and expand your segments using the + and - sign like in the following example:

Move around your segments to organize your Launch Pad as shown in the video below.

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