Before, users were assigned to Location and Departments (Groups that enabled the assignment of assets and content to the app's users). Now, with the new assignment options, we move forward to allow you to do much more. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, click here to read more about it.

So, Locations and Departments are now Segments under Smart Groups. Every Location or Department that you have previously created will be a Smart Group. Fear not, all content previously assigned will remain equal and continues to be assigned to the same users.

Note that now Groups are created depending on tags or custom fields. By default, every Location or Department that you previously had is now attached to a tag that we have created.
Thus, as an example, if you had a Department called Marketing, the new Marketing group is comprised by all employees that have the marketing tag attached. So everything works exactly as it was before as far as content that's assigned to the previous Location and Departments.

You can change the rules of any given smart group by clicking Edit filters.
Check the example below:

Hover your mouse over the segments to change their name. You can also change the name of your groups.

Segments are very easy to manage. Collapse and expand your segments using the + and - sign like in the following example:

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