Almost all content that you create in the Launch Pad can be either active or archived.

Active content means that if assigned, content will be visible for mobile app users. Content that has been created but not published yet will also belong to active content.
Archived content means that the content is no longer visible for mobile app users. Archiving content allows you to keep the data related to that content (like entries) in the Launch Pad.

To archive content, hover your mouse over the selected content and click the archive icon:

The content will be excluded from the mobile app but the data will remain available.

Archived content can be restored at all times. Just click the archived tab, hover your mouse over the desired content and click the restore icon. once you restore the content, it will be active and unpublished.

To easily locate unpublished content, use the Assigned to column. If there is a badge that says not assigned, the content has not been published yet.

Active and archived content applies to:

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