You've just created a company and you have completed our walkthrough, that's great!

Moving forward, there are some simple and quick tips to follow that will make your app more engaging and successful among your workforce.

Map your objectives

Start by thinking what you want to do with your app. Would you like to track time, build schedules, communicate with employees at all times? Would you like to streamline all processes? We suggest you create a mock up with your main goals, so as to choose the features that will help you the most!

Check my example for a transportation company: 

Choose your features

Following the example, this company would be advised to use: 

  1. Workflows: to create checklists for vehicle safety. Those checklists could include images and even a signature from the employee.

  2. Updates: to share company news, welcome new employees and weather updates.  Images and videos can be used and will definitely increase engagement. Employees can comment and like.

  3. Customize: to upload safety policies. Add .pdf files and even videos to make this section more appealing.

  4. Chat: instant messaging that makes communicating really simple. No more endless calls to the office.

  5. Directory: for the drivers who cannot text while driving, Directory will help them spot their manager's or coworkers easily to call them.

  6. Scheduler: one for the office and one for dispatching.

If you need some help choosing the relevant features, book a free consultation with us😄.

Now let's get down to bussiness!

Build your app

Start  by uploading a logo and changing the app color if you have not done it previously.

Remember to click save changes :)

Add content

Now you can add content to your app! You can change the names of the features so they will speak to your employees.

A sample Workflow can look as the one below:

Quick tip:
Use the preview button to see how the content will look like in the app 

Once you have uploaded content, your app will be ready to be shared with your employees!

  1. Feed: all new content will be pushed to the top of the app's feed.

  2. Assets: easily access all content by clicking assets.

  3. Notifications: every time you create new content, you can create a custom push notification. Be creative :). Your employees can access new content by clicking the notification.

  4. Profile: encourage your employees to add an image to their profiles. The image will be displayed in the Directory and the Chat.

Now is the time to add employees and start engaging with them!

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