A Job corresponds to a job in your business, a customer, a worksite, or any frequently used addition. Use Jobs to save time and better organize your
schedule 😃.  Examples of Jobs can be flooring, cleaning, a customers' name or a location.

Jobs work as part of shifts. They can be added to the scheduler via the Scheduler screen. 

You can add a location to a job and even a description to make your employee's shift easier! You can also pre-select the users you want to assign to a Job.

For example, if you have an opening job, you can use our smart groups and pre- select the "managers" group. The preselection will allow you to then assign the job only to users that belong to the "managers" smart group. 

When you create a shift, you can add a job to the shift.

When a Job is no longer relevant,  you can delete it. 

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