You have created the initial version of your app and you are ready to add your employees, that's great!

If this is the first time implementing a new software or an app, it will be very useful to invest some time communicating the news to your workforce.
You can create a message before you invite employees to the app and use the communication channels that you already have in place, such as:

  • Intranet

  • Email

  • Board of announcements

If you have the chance to organize a meeting to present Connecteam, that's the best solution.

What should I say in the message?

Make sure you include what's in it for your employees. Highlight the value they will receive from downloading the app. Valuable information for employees can compensate company policies and manuals.

Below is a sample message: 

Let's add your employees to the app!

Now that everyone's up to date, lets' move forward to the technical side of adding employees to the dashboard. You will need your employee's full name and cell phone number.

Access your dashboard and click the users tab. You can click the add users button to manually add your team.

You also have the option to import your users. You can read more about it here.

Once you type your employee's details, keep the "send an invite" box checked. Your employees will receive a text message to their mobile phones with a link to download  the app and a company code.

TIP: You have the option to uncheck the "send an invite" box and create a custom message from the overview- highly recommended!

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