Timesheet confirmation? Opening/closing checklist? If you are struggling with compliance and your employees forget to complete forms, we've got you covered! 

You can set up automatic push notifications to remind your employees to complete a checklist or a form. Let's go over this simple process:

Step 1:

Access your Form settings

Step 2:

Click the Reminders tab and choose weekly or monthly reminder. Check the relevant options and click confirm. Done!

Weekly, monthly and extra reminder

  • Weekly reminders: send weekly push reminders. Choose which days you'd like to remind your employees and set up a time for the first reminder. The second reminder is optional and will be sent only to employees that did not submit an entry after the first reminder.

  • Monthly reminders: send an automatic monthly push notification on a custom date. 

  • Other reminders: Extra reminder if the employee did not submit an entry by a custom date.

Form automatic reminders are available in the Advanced plan only

How does it look like for employees?

Employees will receive an automatic push notification according to your settings. Once they click the notification, they will be automatically directed to the Form.

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