There is a clear connection between internal communication and business outcomes. Today, 70% of the workforce does not work at a desk or have a corporate email address, and among those that do, less than 50 percent of employees with intranet access, log in daily.

A lack of communication with your workforce translates to lack of engagement and high rates of turnover. Employees report feeling uncommitted. Unhappy employees are unproductive employees. 

Well-informed and engaged employees are significantly less likely to cause accidents and significantly more likely to deliver positive customer experience.

The value of going mobile

An employee app can reinvent the way you communicate with your desk-less workforce. Part of staying competitive implies reaching your employees through their preferred channels, so you need to use what your employees are using: an app!

An employee app can:

  • Increase employee engagement

  • Reduce turnover by at least 25%

  • Facilitate changes in your company

  • Boost productivity by 5%

  • Grow revenue with increased Net Promoter Score by 7%

  • Reduce injuries, near misses or damages with updated and easy to access training material

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