Once an employee has requested time off, absence or has edit a shift from the app, you can approve or decline the request from your dashboard.

  1. Access your dashboard

  2. Click Time Clock

  3. Click the today tab

  4. Click approvals pending

You can approve or decline requests. If you approve them, they will automatically populate the employee's timesheets.
Employees can then check if their requests have been declined, approved or are pending from the app.

You also have the option to receive an email or push notification for every time off, absence or edit that the employee does. You can enable or disable the option from your Time Clock settings. Click Time Clock>settings>notifications.

These notification settings apply for all managers and administrators.

The Absence Insights widget:

The absence insights widget is available under the timesheets tab.
From a glance, you'll be able to view how many absence hours were tracked and by how many employees.

By clicking on the "View all absences" button, you'll be able to view all absences for all time clock users, filter by paid and unpaid absences, export reports, take actions and more!

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