To edit the user's information visible in your Directory, access your Directory settings. Let's go over the process!

Edit Visible information

  1. Click Directory on your side bar

  2. Click options>settings

  3. Choose the details that will be visible in your company's Directory. Available details are based on your custom fields.

  4. Click confirm changes.

Change the order of appearance

You can change the order of appearance by dragging and dropping the details.

These settings apply to all mobile users.

Adding more details to your Directory

The Directory's available details match the custom fields that you have already created.
To add more details to your Directory, add a new custom field from the user's profile.

To add a new custom field:

  1. Click the Users tab on your side bar.

  2. Select any user.

  3. Click Manage fields.

  4. Click add field>custom field.

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