Want to update your employees, but don't always have the time?

Now you can use our pre-made templates for your updates - a HUGE timesaver.

We have added a variety of different Templates so you will be covered on any topic you need.

These Templates are a great base to start with, but always customize them to make them your own! This will personalize the update so your employee feels engaged and a part of the team.

Let's go over these easy steps to create an Update with our Templates:

  1. Click on "Updates" on the side bar, then click on "Add New" on the top right

  2. Choose "Use a template"

  3. Select which template you would like to use

  4. Click "Next" on the bottom right.

  5. Customize: add/change text, add PDF's, videos, anything

  6. Click "Next" on the bottom right

  7. Assign the content to smart groups or select employees

Choose from many different templates!

You're all set! Just select your audience and publish.

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