Hospitality and Lodging Companies Common Use Cases
Curious to know how Hospitality and Lodging companies utilize Connecteam?
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This is your 'How To Build My Company App' if you are a hospitality or lodging  company. We gathered examples of best practices from leading companies in the market to help you identify what can be relevant for your company - check it out!

Hospitality and Lodging Companies use Connecteam for:

  1. Day to Day Digital Reporting and Checklists

  2. Streamlining Communication

  3. Human resources needs

  4. On-boarding New Hires

  5. Raising Safety Standards and Awareness

  6. Making SOPs and Company Protocols Available

  7. Training

  8. Compliance Purposes

  9. Job Scheduling

  10. Time-Tracking

1. Day to day Digital Checklists and Reports

As hospitality and lodging companies operate a big workforce, checklists and reports are very commonly used to reduce friction from day-to-day activities, automate information flow for improved response time, and gain better oversight. Few popular examples are detailed below:

  1. Housekeeping: Room inspection checklist

  2. Housekeeping: lost and found (including image of the item and location)

  3. Housekeeping: service closet/service cart stock count + order of new stock if needed

  4. Housekeeping: opening maintenance call when needed

  5. Housekeeping: opening a cleaning request ticket 

  6. lifeguards: pool daily log sheet

  7. lifeguards: pool incident report

  8. Restaurant inspection report: host and dining hall level of service

  9. Restaurant: Kitchen opening / closing checklist

  10. Maintenance: Repair Order ticket  (elevator not working, A/C licking, Low water pressure etc.)

  11. Accident report - document all the relevant information in real time and distribute the information to the relevant stakeholders

  12. Incident report

  13. Hazard observation report

  14. Customer complaint form

All entries submitted by employees are always digitally logged, can be automatically sent to a predefined email address as a pdf copy and can be exported in an excel format.

2. Streamlining Communication

Communication needs are a fundamental element for every hospitality and lodging company. Connecteam is often used for:

  1. Targeted communication: The ability to address all or a specific group of employees, for example: (1) a manager sending an update just to his employees, (2) HR notifying all the users in the organization, (3) Senior management updating all housekepping personnel across the org etc.

  2. Employee directory - making it easy to find the contact details of  team members, with full permissions management.

  3. Chat groups and channels - to streamline day-to-day communication easily and efficiently. 

  4. Realtime Push notifications and updates: for both formal and informal announcements. Few examples to such announcements:
    - We are having a Gala dinner on Friday, dress code is white. Encourage all guests by asking them if they prepared their white cloths already and advocate for our laundry service.
    - FIRE SAFETY DRILL is expected to take place tomorrow at 10:00, please make sure you review 'The 5 Safety Tips in Case of a Fire', remain calm and direct all guests to the safety exists.
    - Quarterly letter from the CEO to the team members
    - A quick intro video to our new menu is now available in the App, please review in details before the end of the week. We'll be launching the new menu next Monday.

3. Human Resources Needs

 HR teams and executives in hospitality and lodging companies leverage Connecteam for automating process, gaining better control over workforce related issues, communicating employee benefits and wellness programs and encouraging recruitment and in-house career development. (On-boarding is addressed as a separate section)

  1. Friend bring a friend: making it easy for the workforce to recommend friends for a position, increasing their recruitment reach.

  2. Vacation/sick leave request management: users are auto-updates if request were denied / approved.

  3. Employees benefits and wellness programs- communicating new and existing plans, making relevant resources available in a click and raising employee awareness to their benefits.

  4. In-house career development: allowing employees and managers to apply directly for new openings, making all the relevant information on job opportunities available in App.

  5. Personal information form for on-boarding new employees ( personal info, contact info, emergency contact, documents such as tax forms /photo ID etc.)

  6. Updating contact information  (Address /name / mobile/ email /bank account change)

  7. Employee satisfaction quarterly survey

4. On boarding new hires 

The need to deal with high employee turnover and to bring them up-to-speed as quickly and as efficiently as possible, leads hospitality  and lodging companies to build an in-App on boarding process. Usually this process incorporates:

  1. A formal letter welcoming the employee to the company

  2. Guidance checklist "New employee checklist"

  3. Personal information form (personal info, contact info, emergency contact)

  4. Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement

  5. New employee startup form

  6. Criminal record application

  7. Getting a copy of ID and other relevant documents

  8. Health and safety training

  9. Copy of other relevant training certificates

  10. Uniform, badge and other equipment signing

5. Raising Safety Standards and Awareness

When it comes to safety, hospitality and lodging companies leverage Connecteam to raise awareness and uplift cross company safety standards. Best practices include:

  1. Quick and easy reporting - making it easy to all employees to report in realtime, and automatically sending the report to the relevant officer/supervisor for further evaluation and response.

  2. Ongoing safety trainings - allowing managers and safety officers to keep close track with progress on the individual level.

  3. Safety first communication - distribution and communication of safety related updates and protocols. Some examples may include incident finding reports, update to procedures and realtime updates.

  4. Safety digital resources - making all safety protocols available in a click, as well as 'lessons learned', incident findings, and periodical safety tips.

6. Making SOPs and Company protocols available

The most common resources hospitality and lodging companies tend to make available on the App for their employees include:

  1. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) 

  2. Safety and emergency protocols

  3. Employee handbook

  4. Code of ethics

  5. Sexual harassment policy

  6. Uniform policy

  7. Locations information (campus maps, location contact details, restaurants menus etc.)

7. Training

In App training is mostly used for reaching every single employee and keeping track of progress and execution of trainings. Existing resources can be leveraged and easily embedded with the App as PDFs, links or videos. Popular trainings include:

  1. Health and safety training

  2. Driving related trainings 

  3. Sexual harassment training

  4. Equipment usage and maintenance

  5. Test and quizzes

8. Compliance purposes

Connecteam is used by hospitality and lodging companies for compliance purposes. 'Read and sign' forms are common, as well as periodical refresh trainings. All documents are logged, and auto sent as a pdf copy to predefined email(s)  that can be customized per each form, and users can export a summary report at any time.

Read and sign documents:

  1. Employee handbook acknowledgment

  2. Uniform agreement 

  3. Sexual harassment policy

  4. Incident findings reprot

  5. Other read and sign documents

Periodical refresh trainings

  1. Safety training

  2. Sexual harassment prevention

  3. Accessibility guidelines

  4. Protocols refresh training

9. Job scheduling 

Hospitality and lodging companies often require the ability to manage complex scheduling needs and utilize Connecteam to do that, whether for specific sites or departments, or across the board: 

  1. Assigning employees to shifts in restaurants / pools/ rooms / frontdesk / maintenance etc.

  2. Keeping records of check-in / check-out time and location, and allowing for shift notes and comments.

  3. Allowing employee to accept/reject shifts (optional - can be disabled)

10. Time Tracking

Taking advantage of mobile phones availability, hospitably companies use Connecteam for time tracking and payroll sheets:

  1. For clocking in and out of shifts with a GEO location stamp

  2. Leveraging predefined reminders settings to make sure employees are clocking in and out on time

  3. Utilizing notes and tags, to address specific needs (like filtering by customer or specific dates)

  4. Exporting payroll sheets, per shift or as a total

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