Downloading and activating the App is a simple task. Users may still have questions, we have aggregated for you a list of frequently asked questions and issues with the ways to address them:

When downloading the App

Users can’t find the App

  1. Make sure the employee is looking for the right App name (As opposed to the company name)

  2. Try and reconnect again from the link sent over text message

  3. Make sure the store associated with the right country, if it isn’t the App might not be available in foreign countries.

User is getting a link to the Connecteam App and not your company’s branded App (only relevant for company branded Apps):

  1. Direct the user to search the App in the Appstore /google play using the App name.

  2. Update Connecteam so we can update the link on the text message.

A user clicked on the download link but was directed to the browser and not the App Store / Play Store and they are asked to enter their Google account details:

  1. For Android users a click on a link could lead to several options. In some cases, instead of opening the Play Store the user will be directed to the browser and will be asked to enter their google account details.

  2. Direct users that don’t know their google account details, to the Play Store so they can download it from there  - in most cases they are auto logged in to the Play Store.

  3. If the Play Store also requires Google account details, there’s no way around it and they’ll have to provide their Google account details to be able to download Apps (including your company App).

Connecting to the App after it was downloaded

User didn’t get a verification code text message after typing in their mobile number:

  1. It is possible that the user typed in the wrong mobile number - close the App and reopen it and type in the mobile number again. (Make sure the flag next to the mobile number is the correct one .)

  2. After re-entering the code if the employee still didn’t get the text message verification code, wait for the 60 seconds counter to get to 0, and click on the ‘call me’ button

  3. For employees that has email in the system, you can also use the ‘login using email’ option (it will be available after the 60 seconds counter gets to 0 and only if the user has an email under their user details in the system).

A User typed their mobile number and got an error message that the mobile number doesn’t exist in the system:

  1. It is possible that the user exists in the systems but their mobile number in the system is wrong. Update the mobile number and resend an invitation to download the App.

  2. It is possible that the user doesn’t exist in the system. Add them to the system and send them an invitation text message to download the App.

  3. If you are certain the user exists in the system and that their mobile number is right, close the App, reopen it and type in the mobile number again. Double check the country code (the flag) is correct.

A user can’t see specific features categories or assets in the App:

  1. The specific content element is not assigned to the user. Navigate the the relevant content on your dashboard and make sure the user is part of the groups the content was assigned too.

A user fails to download the App / the operating system is not supported:

Make sure the users operating  system is:

  1. For Android: version 4.4 or higher

  2. For iOS: version 8.0 or higher

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