Use the import option on your schedule to add multiple shifts or jobs, and assign shifts to employees automatically. 

What information can be added to the imported spreadsheet?

  • Date of shift or job

  • Start time and end time

  • Title of shift or job

  • Location of shift or job 

  • Notes

  • Custom columns (will be added to the shift's notes)

How to import shifts and jobs to a schedule?

  • On your dashboard, access a scheduler

  • Click on Add shifts > Import shifts from excel

  • Download the excel template

  • Edit your excel file. Each row is a shift 

  • When you're done, save the file as CSV (Comma Delimited)

  • Upload the CSV file

  • Edit unknown columns if needed

  • Review the imported shifts, make edits and add more shifts if needed

  • Review the summary and click on "confirm"

  • All shifts are now populated in your schedule and unpublished

  • Publish your schedule when ready

Importing shifts with an excel file is available in the Advanced plan and above

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