Use the import option on your schedule to add multiple shifts or jobs, and assign shifts to employees automatically.

What information can be added to the imported spreadsheet?

  • Date of shift or job

  • Start time and end time

  • Title of shift or job

  • Location of shift or job

  • Notes

  • Custom columns (will be added to the shift's notes)

How to import shifts and jobs to a schedule?

  • On your dashboard, access a scheduler

  • Click on Add shifts > Import shifts from excel

  • Download the excel template:

  • Edit your excel file. Each row will represent a single shift:

  • When you're done, save the file as CSV (Comma Delimited)

  • Upload the CSV file

  • Edit unknown columns if needed:

  1. Add as a new job

  2. Insert to existing job

  3. Ignore the unknown job

  • Review the imported shifts, make edits and add more shifts if needed:

  • Review the summary and click on "Confirm":

  • All shifts are now populated in your schedule in draft mode, so you will be able to make final adjustments before publishing the schedule for your employees.

  • Select the Publish option once you are ready:

Importing shifts with an excel file is available in the Advanced plan and above.

Learn more about the Advanced plan Communication features here

Learn more about the advanced plan Operational features here

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