Forget multiple phone calls or endless emails to reach your employees, communicating with your employees can actually be a time saver. With Connecteam’s work chat app, you can easily reach every employee within seconds.

Connecteam’s team chat app allows you to effortlessly share media and files, and it can be done from anywhere. Our chat allows employees to upload images, videos or files to a conversation, and also share their location in real time. For system admins, there’s even a web chat that can be easily accessed from the desktop dashboard, so you can engage and communicate with your employees at anytime.

Having an employee chat creates a separation between work and life, that allows your employees to communicate while eliminating possible distractions during work hours. Our chat is very interactive and will seem familiar to your employees, with the ability to send images, videos, GIFs, recording voice-messages, sharing locations, and sending files and attachments for employees to view, download or share directly from chat. 

Using smart group automations, chats will self maintain by removing users that are no longer part of the smart group and automatically include whoever is added to the smart group.  Data will never be available to a user after he/she is removed. 

Our chat is a daily driver for employees in work related matters. In order to keep information flow safe in the app, media is never saved on an employee’s device and conversations can’t be shared outside the app. As for your control as an admin, we built highly advanced conversation setting options that are unique to Connecteam’s work chat app and will guarantee that you stay on top of your main communication tool like never before. Learn more about chat settings here.

Different Types of Chat Conversations

There are three different types of chat conversations: One-on-one chats, Team chats, and Channels. One-on-one are private conversations that can easily be created from the app as well as your dashboard. Team chats allows for two-way communication, meaning everyone that are a part of the team can message in the chat. And channels is a one-way communication tool that allows you to send messages to your employees, but they won't be able to reply. Channels can only be created through the dashboard. Learn more about our different types of chats and how to create them in your dashboard here.

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