The Kiosk App is all about allowing users to easily log in and out quickly on the same device, means that it must be set up to your company account. 

Setting your Kiosk App is easy, and takes no more than a few seconds.  

The Kiosk App can be downloaded here or by using this link:, and can be installed on any Apple mobile device (i.e. iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) or any compatible Android OS mobile device (Smartphone and tablets).

Set up the app to your company account:

After downloading the Kiosk App from the AppStore, a system admin will need to set it up for the first time.

The set up process works just as in the main Connecteam app - the admin needs to click on the "Login" button, enter their mobile phone number, and then enter the temporary access code they'll receive over a text message. 

That's it! The Kiosk App is now ready to use by the company's employees.
You'll know you got it right once you see the log in page as described in the section below.

The Kiosk log in page:

Once the Kiosk App is set up, employees can access with their Kiosk PIN Code. 

The Kiosk Pin Code is personal and private, and can be found by each user in the main Connecteam app under the Profile tab > Settings > Kiosk PIN Code.

What happens if the employee don't own a smartphone or never accessed the main Connecteam app?

We have an easy solution just for that! At the bottom of the Kiosk log in page, there's the "Forgot your code or never got one" button.

Once clicked, the user will be asked to enter their mobile phone number in order to receive their permanent Kiosk PIN Code over a text message. 

The Kiosk PIN Code will only be sent to the user's phone number as appears in the admin dashboard. Notice that the users must be added to the dashboard first in order to access the Kiosk App.

To clarify, the PIN Code is personal and permanent. Users are required to know their personal pin code in order to easily and quickly access the Kiosk App.

Quick log out:

In order to allow users to switch accounts quickly and easily, the Kiosk App has a dedicated log out button that hovers the entire app. It's visible and within reach on one hand, but discreet enough on the other, so it doesn't effect the user experience. 

A click on that button will open it, and a second click will log the user out from the app. Once logged out, the app will go back to the log in page so the next user can quickly log in.

Additional resources:

That's it!
Your Kiosk App is now ready to use  👏

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