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Boost value for your business within minutes
Boost value for your business within minutes
Features with tons of value that takes a minute to setup
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If you're new to Connecteam, you're in for a treat! You'll discover for yourself that you can create and customize so many of the app's features and make it fit your business like a glove. 

That said, if you're just getting started, you may want to start with some features that can reflect value immediately and provide an amazing solution in no time, without spending time on customizing and creating content.  

This short article will focus on just that - features with great value that take a minute to set up and are part of your onboarding to Connecteam.

Let's get started!

It'a all about communication

The Chat and Directory features need one click of a button and they're ready to use! 

Chat makes employee communication easy! You can have private and team conversations, share files of any kind, send GIFs, audio recordings, and much more.

The Directory is an intuitive and powerful tool that allows employees to easily find other work contacts and colleagues within seconds, using a super smart search function and quick action items such as making a call, sending a text or an email, and even starting a chat conversation. Click here to learn more.

And there you go - main communication tools ready out of the box. Just plug and play!

Time tracking can't get any better than this

Connecteam's time clock can do a lot, and it can be highly customized to your company's needs. But, getting started with its basics only takes a minute! Simply activate it and it will be available for your employees to use in no time. 

The time clock's user interface is dead easy to understand and use, and requires zero training. 

Simply click activate and start tracking time! Yay! 

Click here to explore the time clock's main capabilities. 

Automated processes that every company needs

Connecteam's Forms is one of our "killer features". It takes manual processes and transforms them into digital and mobile in no time, so they can be used as daily checklists, job reports, forms, and more. Now, although a Form can be highly customized, we have a bunch of templates that are ready to ship to your employees within a couple of minutes. 

Simply activate Forms, choose the templates option, and pick one from the list. Next, simply assign it to your team so they can use it on their mobile app. 

If you want to start fast and easy, try the "Expenses Reimbursement Form" or "Update Personal Info Form". These are good choices to get started with as they're easy to use and understand. 

When you're ready, make sure to explore more options for this amazing feature by clicking here. 

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