Although the scheduling feature packs plenty of different capabilities that should be set on your dashboard, we added some important actions that should be available for you on-the-go, so you can manage employee schedules when away from your dashboard, directly from your mobile app's admin tab!

What can you do with the mobile scheduling for admins?

  • View all employee schedules¬†

  • Add new shifts and jobs

  • Edit existing shifts

  • View and edit all shifts statuses¬†

  • View scheduling activity¬†

  • Create drafts

  • Publish schedule

Accessing the schedule as an admin from the mobile app:

  • On your app, click on the Admin tab

  • On the "Active Assets" list, choose your scheduling asset (may differ by name per company)

  • If you have multiple schedules, you will be directed to a list of all active schedules

Viewing and accessing shifts and jobs:

  • When you first access the schedule, you'll see this week's agenda

  • On the schedule agenda, you can see all assigned shifts and jobs, all unavailabilities per day, badges for shifts statuses, open shifts and drafts:

  • Click on a shift for more details and edit options

  • You can change users' status by clicking on the status and choose a new one from a list:

  • Scroll down to view future shifts

  • If you wish to change the dates, simply pull down the dates viewer which is located at the top of the schedule

  • If you wish to view your schedule activity, click on the activity button which is located on the top right corner of the screen

Add a new shift:

  • To add a new shift, you can click on the main "add shift" button at the bottom of the page

  • You can also add a shift for a day with no shifts by clicking on the "add shift" button that's on the days list

  • When adding a new shift, you'll have the ability to select from your job's list, add a shift title if needed, add a location, and add notes

  • Click on "select users" to select one or more users from a list, or allow users to claim the shift

  • To allow users to claim a shift, click on the toggle next to it and click on the number box below to edit the number of open spots to claim

  • In order to publish a shift it must have a shift title or a selected job, and assigned users or enabled for claim

Publish shifts:

  • You can publish a shift as you add it by clicking on the "publish" button

  • If you wish to publish multiple shifts, you can click on the "publish" button which appears on the shifts' list agenda

  • Once clicked, you'll have the option to publish today's shifts, this week's shifts, this month's shifts, or select custom dates

  • Before multiple shifts are published, you'll receive a summary so you can make sure you publish the right amount of shifts

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