If you wish to send out a message to the team, in 99% of the cases it's better to do so with an update as opposed to a text messages. Here is why:

  1. Updates are trackable: you will know exactly who saw them and who didn't.

  2. You can follow up on an update: if someone didn't read your message, you can easily follow up with them.

  3. Updates are more personalized: you can create a dedicated push notification, and within to customize the information, including images / links videos etc.

  4. Unlike text messages, with updates you know the message went through. Text messages don't always make it to the end user.

  5. Updates don't cost you money.

So why include the option to send out text messages?
The prime use case for the text messages is for the initial invitation to download the app. To make it easy to invite users with a simple link. On top of it, if you need to send a text message to someone that is not on the platform, text messages are a convenient way to do so.

Did you know? Premium customers get 100 text messages for free every month.

Still want to buy a package of text messages? Drop us a line of what's your preferred message and we'll charge your account:

$25 for 500 messages
$40 for 1,000 messages
$60 for 2,000 messages

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