Every Asset, under the Skills section or Operations, is provided with the ability to drag and drop content and rearrange the order of its appearance in your app. 

You can change the order of appearance easily by dragging and dropping elements. 

  1. Navigate to the relevant category on your side bar.

  2. Once you enter the chosen category, a list of Assets will appear. 

3. Search for the  "Mobile Preview" button at the top right and tap it:

4. A mobile preview of the Assets will open, and each asset will have a doted box next to it:

5. To drag and drop the assets order, hover over the doted section until a cross arrow appears: 

6. Drag your Asset and adjust the order of assets as necessary:

Your Assets have been reorganized both on the dashboard and on the mobile app. Remember that for the re-order to affect your mobile app, it may take a few mins. To accelerate the update, you may chose to close and reopen the app for it to load the updated order of assets.

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