In some cases companies prefer to utilize the 'invite link' for getting employees to register into Connecteam. This article will provide a quick background into some of the best practices of how to distribute the link to your employees.

Important note!

Whenever possible, it is best to upload users to the system using a csv file and not by using the invitation link. This is due to the simple reason that the csv approach has less 'onboarding friction' for the user: while the csv approach only requires the user to open a dedicated text message and download the app, the invitation link requires the user to  (1) insert their data, (2) request to join, (3) get approved and only than will they be able to get the text message to download the app. Hence, whenever possible -  priorities uploading a csv file over using the invitation link.

First, shorten the link so it would be easy to remember. Using a 3rd party service like bitly, let's you transition a very long and complexed link into something short and intuitive that is easy to remember, like "".
This best practice will make it easier for your users to navigate to the link and will make it memorable. 

Second, distribute the link in all relevant media channels to make it easy for your team to register:

  1. On flyers: print and hang flyer public places such as cafeterias dinning halls etc. with key information about your app, its planned launch date, and the short link for early registration.

  2. In emails you send to the team - our recommendation is to send 3 emails to the team: (1) an early email 2-3 weeks before the launch, (2) a second email on the weekend before the launch and (3) a 3rd email on the morning of the launch. Each email containing the link for registration and telling the users what the app is all about and how they can benefit from it.

  3. As an auto response to a dedicated email: by setting a dedicated email address that is easy to remember (for example: [email protected]), and setting an auto response containing the registration link, your team will be able to easily send an email to the above mentioned address and get in response the link for registration. You can use this automated message: "Hi there! You can now register to our company app on this link:"

  4. In meetings / gatherings /events - if you have planned gatherings /events /town hall meeting  etc. in the weeks before the launch, talk about the upcoming app release, make people aware and share with them your registration link so they can register.

There is not limitation on how early in advance people can register to your app. Remember that each user's registration will be have to approved by you and doesn't mean they can login to the app; it only adds their details to your users database. You will be able to later invite users to download and activate the app at a time of your choosing.

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