This article will show you how to send text messages to users that already exist in the system, but haven't logged in to the app yet.

Step 1: In your overview tab in the sidebar, click 'Select Users to Invite':

Note: this button will only appear if you have existing users in the system, that are yet to log in to the app.

Step 2: Select the users you wish to invite from the list. Remember: 

You can only invite users in bulk up to 3 times. This is to avoid marking the system as a 'Spam' system, so it is best not to catch your users by surprise, and to let them know you will be sending them a text message to download the app.

Step 3: Customize the text message

Step 4: Confirm!

That's it, your users will now get a text message inviting them to download the app with a link that will open their relevant store depending on their operating system.

Inviting users is easy, quick, and simple, and is an important step in getting your users to adopt the app. It is recommended to repeat these steps a few times over the first 2 weeks until you'll see all your users have successfully connected.

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