Whether your team member request Vacation days, sick leave or an unpaid absence, recording these requests is crucial for a manager. 

Absence insights is a great way to follow up and record all absences taken by team members. 

How to view Absence insights:

  • On your dashboard, access the Time Clock.

  • Click on the Timesheets tab.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page.

  • On the bottom left side of the screen located beside Job Insights, you'll see the Absence Insights summary.

  • Click on an absence to view its insights or click on “view all absences” to view overall insights.

Utilizing Absence insights:

Here's what you can do with Absence insights:

  • View all Absence insights per selected range of dates: how many times they were used in a given time period, for how many hours and with each users.

  • Use all system custom fields and filters to filter the Absence list.

  • Export Absence reports.

  • Absence filtering: Click on the filter button and choose the Absence option to filter the list by one or more Absences (Make sure to choose Absence type):

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