If you're here, it means you're looking to add tasks for your employees to complete during their scheduled shifts!

Shift tasks can be created for a single employee's shift or as a team who is working the same shift hours. They are both quick and easy to create.

Creating a task step-by-step:

  • Access the schedule on your dashboard

  • Create a new shift or click on an existing shift

  • On the top of the shift's side window, click on the shift tasks tab as shown below

  • Click on the "Add new task" button to add your first task

  • You can repeat this action to add more tasks to a shift

Can multiple employees check off tasks during the same shift?

Sure! Simply create a team shift (a shift with multiple users) and you'll be able to see which user completed each shift. It's that easy!

By hovering with your cursor on a certain user, you'll be able to see their name and time of completing the task:

How do users view shift tasks on their app?

On the app, shift tasks and their completion statuses will be shown just where your users expect them to show! Both on their weekly schedule and inside a shift, pinned to the bottom of the shift's page:

Once a user clicks on the tasks button, they'll be able check the task and view the completion status change both on shift's page and on their weekly schedule:

How do I know as an admin that shift tasks were completed?

  • By notifications: On your schedule, click on options > schedule settings > notifications, and decide which notifications you'd like to receive regarding tasks (those settings are personal per admin)

  • Visually: On your admin dashboard and app:

Shift tasks are available on all premium plans!

  • Basic plan > up to 1 task per shift

  • Advanced plan > up to 5 tasks per shift

  • Expert plan > unlimited tasks per shift

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