The Expert plan is a rich and robust plan for small and medium businesses that aspire to enjoy enterprise competence with most of what Connecteam has to offer.

It includes all of Connecteam’s features, advanced settings, capabilities & automations, for up to 200 users, and priced at $119/month, billed annually.

The Expert plan allows you to:

  • Use all of Connecteam’s features: Time Clock, Chat, Scheduling, Task-management, Workflows, Updates, Directory, Suggestion Box, Events, Survey, Quiz, Knowledge Base, Media and Files.

  • Duplicate and archive content to save time and keep your app organized.

  • Manage your users & groups smartly by archiving users and create different smart groups based on advanced customizable rules.

  • Set managers permissions - Provide admins with a private and modified dashboard so they can engage the people they need with the features they want. Learn more here.

  • Create unlimited shift tasks - Assign unlimited shift tasks to either a simple employee shift or a team shift and follow tasks execution in real time!

  • Create schedule limitations to avoid overtime and surprises - Set a limit for the number of shifts per employee, number of hours they should work weekly, and more, so any schedule exceptions would be flagged automatically.
    Limit users so they will not be able to check-in early or reject their shift at the last minute.

  • Advanced task-management capabilities: Create multiple tasks at once, duplicate a team task to a separate task for each user, add unlimited sub-tasks and modify who in the account can create tasks for others.

  • Pin content to the top of your users’ feed, so you can make sure they view what matters.

  • Schedule content publish time - Create any type of content and have it published automatically at the right time to make your users engage with it.

  • Manage your workflow entries with multiple status columns - Add an unlimited number of status and notes columns to your workflow entries table and notify your employees automatically.

  • Automatic Reports of employee timesheets and workflows entries - Select times for your employees' timesheets and workflow entries to be sent to any email address of your choice automatically.

  • Add an extra layer of security with Two Factor Authentication (2FA) - Inhibit uncertified entities from logging in to your admin’s dashboard. System admins will need to enter username and password, and then will be directed to add an additional temporary pin code which will be sent to their mobile device.

For more information on the Expert plan, feel free to reach out through our live chat or via email to [email protected]

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