Since we saw many organizations adopt a similar best practice to fight a potential outbreak, we create this template that serves organizations to get daily reports from all team members to make sure they are all healthy before showing up to work.

You can add the digital form by navigating to the Form folder on your sidebar, tapping the 'add new' button on the upper right, and choosing 'add from a template'. This in turn will load a list of predefined templates, including the Daily Health Declaration (COVID-19).

Here's what the Form would look like for your team members:

If you wish, you can customize it to your needs

Pro tips:

  1. Use the advanced Form settings to set up auto-push notification reminders
    You can set daily reminders, and follow-up reminders if someone forgot to fill out the form. For example, every day at 08.00 am send a reminder to fill in the form, and everyday ad at 09.00am send a follow-up reminder to team members that didn't fill out the form.

  2. Get clarity on who completed the Form from your Form summary page
    In your Form summary page, you'll have a detailed table with all your team members and their status. By filtering the dates to 'today', you can see who already completed the Form and who didn't bot on an accumulative basis and on a name basis.

  1. Do dedicated follow-ups with team members that failed to complete the Form
    If you wish, you can target just specific individuals that are yet to submit the Form, and send them a dedicated reminder to make sure they complete the task.

  2. Auto-export a daily summary to your email
    Leverage the Form's auto-reporting feature to get a summary excel table directly to your email on a daily basis, so you can stay on top of the reporting routine.

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