Schedule Limitations

What are Schedule limitations?

As a manager, you can set specific limitations both for users and for the entire schedule with the click of a button.

Whether you are a small or large company, setting schedule limitations is vital for your business to ensure the following:

  • That users can't reject or un-claim a shift too close to the start of a shift

  • That you are aware when users are scheduled in overtime

  • That you are aware when users have too many shifts per day or week

To set it up, go to your schedule > click on options on the top right > settings > click on limitations on the left side.

When your limitations have been set-up based on your preferences, when scheduling your employees, you will now get a warning to ensure that you aligned with the limitations you have set for your schedule.

Here is an example of a schedule set with limitations.

Schedule Conflicts

In the top right corner, you also have a Conflicts tab.

When opening the conflicts tab you will see all of your historical schedule conflicts.

If you click on view, you will also be taken to that specific conflict so that you can directly take action!


Schedule Limitations and Conflicts are available on the Expert plan and above!

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