Now After we’ve learned how to Get Started, let's take a look at some best practices for your mobile users.

How will your employees work with task management?

Up to you to decide

A. Only admins can create tasks for users.

B. Choose who can.

C. Choose who can't.

If you have granted them full permission, they will be able to create and assign tasks to any of the team members.

On the other hand, you can also decide to allow them permission only to view and execute.

Speed and ease of use are the name of the game.

All it takes is a couple of clicks, and your task is live and pending completion.

No complex planning is needed, just launch as you go!

Include detailed task descriptions, group tasks, subtasks, attach images and files, set up due dates, and so much more.

Practical tips (create a task):

  1. Go into “Task management”

  2. Click on “Create task”

  3. Give your task a title.

  4. Write down any description (upload photos files etc’)

  5. Assign it to the right team member.

  6. Add as many subtasks you need (if you see fit).

  7. Click save

  8. It will automatically appear in your task list!

Decided that you’d prefer only your admins to create and assign tasks?

No problem at all!

They will have only the option to see their assigned tasks

Make your employees accountable for their tasks.

For the first time, your employees will have visibility over all ongoing tasks - allow them to navigate and organize tasks with tags and advanced filtering capabilities, view tasks by completion status, due dates, team members, and more.

A dedicated channel for task-specific communication

Say farewell to the back and forth hustle, things just got organized.

Your team may have questions and may wish to send updates or communicate with you and others to get their task done. Connecteam makes it easy to have all task-specific communication and engagement separated in a single, dedicated channel. With comments, mentions, and more, we got you covered. No more losing important details and looking for the right thread.

Things just got more organized and structured than ever!

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