Task Description:

The Task Description section is an optional field that allows the task creator to add all the necessary information the user or team needs in order to complete it.

Task details can include free text and images, with no characters nor storage limit, and can be added before publishing the task or afterward using the edit option.

Adding a task description is easy! Simply type your description and click on the paper-clip icon to add images from your camera or library.

Comments Board:

The comments board is a familiar and easy way to collaborate for an individual user with the task creator, or for team task members between each other, regarding a specific task.

The comments board will appear at the bottom of each Task Details page and will allow users that are assigned to a task to perform powerful actions, such as:

  • Adding images from their images gallery or camera

  • Attaching files of all types

  • Sharing their location over a map

  • Commenting, liking and replying to other team task member's comments

  • Mentioning team task members

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