As part of Connecteam's many customization options, we wanted to give you the opportunity to welcome your new users to your app, convey the app's purpose and eventually - make your team feel at home 🏡

The app's Welcome-Screen would be seen by users when they log into the app after their user verification. Customize it with your own personal touch!

What can be customized in your app's welcome-screen?

An image - this could be used to insert your company logo to make your users understand that they landed in their company's app.

A welcome message - welcome & greet your users so they would feel comfortable and excited about using the app.

A note - explain to your users what they can expect to see in your app and what can be done, like company announcements, time-tracking, their shifts, or daily checklists.

Links - add links to your very own Terms of Use or Privacy Policy

Where can I turn on the welcome-screen and customize it?

The welcome-screen customization can be found in the account's settings:

Customizing the welcome-screen is available in the Expert plan and above

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