Whether you have teams that are using the Kiosk app, users that are not always connected to your customized app, or perhaps managers and employees that prefer having their shifts appear in Google Calendar, consider it done.

With Connecteam’s integration with Google Calendar, users will now be alerted of their shifts via Email, and have it appear automatically in their Google Calendar.

This article will go over:

How Does the Schedule Integration with Google Work

Add your users' emails to their "User Profile" page.

In order for this to work the user's email needs to be added to the user's profile via Customs fields.

Assign shifts to users

Now assign shifts to users and an email will automatically be sent to their personal email.

Press the "Add to calendar" to add the shift to your Google Calendar

Once the Users will receive the shift via email they can then press the "Add to Calendar" button in order to have the shift automatically appear in your Google Calendar.

Note: All shift notes and location will appear in the calendar as well so they have all the information needed to execute their shift effectively.

What happens when I edit or delete my teams' shifts?

Not to worry, an additional email will be sent to them with the relevant details about the original shift and the new shift details.

Here is how it looks.

See below for additional references:

Custom fields

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