If you are using the Quick Tasks feature regularly, you must know about these 5 "killer" capabilities that can take your team to the next level.

The Capabilities are:

  1. Tags

  2. Create a separate task for each user.

  3. Sub-tasks

  4. Reminders

  5. Settings- "Superusers"


Project management, team management, and quality control are now made even easier with task tags. A simple and quick way to classify your tasks.

Say you have a side project you're running in your business - Let's say the yearly company trip. You can now create a tag "Company trip" and tag all relevant tasks with it. When you want to have an overview of where your project stands simply switch to view by tags or use our smart filtering system.

In other words, tags are an information layer that can be added in order to, categorize, group, and associate one or multiple tasks across your organization.

Pro-tip: You can tag a task with multiple tags to associate it with any number of projects, teams, locations, and more.

To learn more see this article.

To watch a video tutorial about Tags, click here.

Create a separate task for each user

Say you have a task you want to be done by more than one user, for example: "Return all tools" or "Report to HR", etc. Well, this is now made easy.

Simply create a single task, assign multiple users, and check the "Create a separate task for each user".


Tasks can be broken down into smaller steps or milestones, or as we like to call them "Sub-tasks".

Sub-tasks are not only good for specifying what the user has to do but also for the creator to follow the task's progress and execution in real-time.

Pro tip: set your notifications so that you receive a push notification when all sub-tasks are complete.

To watch a video tutorial about Reminders, click here.


Our Task reminders are the perfect way for the task creator to stay on top of everything, make sure users complete their tasks on time, and follow up in real-time.

Task reminders can be done from the web dashboard and from the Mobile app.

Pro tip: Filter or sort your view by the Due date to know which tasks are coming up and are in need of a reminder.

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To watch a video tutorial about Reminders, click here.

Settings- User permissions

Across the Connecteam platform, creating and assigning content is a power reserved for system admins. With Quick Tasks Permissions you are now able to select who can create and assign tasks using the mobile application, thus giving mobile users the power to create content. These are users that are not system admins but can still create and assign tasks across the Company. Great for duty managers, or small team leaders that you trust.

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