If you are using the Time Clock feature regularly, you must know about these 5 "killer" capabilities that can take your team to the next level.

The Capabilities are:

  1. Limitations

  2. Auto reports

  3. Geofencing

  4. Job insights

  5. Quick actions


Are you having issues with users clocking in too early or requesting absence too close to the absence date? In that case, our Time Clock Limitations are the perfect solution for you.

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Auto Reports

For those who love automation, you can set up your time clock so that you receive your payroll exports automatically in your inbox. All you need to do is select the report's frequency, when it should be sent, the recipient/s, and what type of report should be sent. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

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To avoid time theft, the time clock gives you the ability to set a geofence, ensuring that employees clock in and out from the right location. To set it up, click on Settings at the top right-hand side, and select geolocation on the left menu. By setting geolocation to required, you can then proceed to add different sites and set the address and geofence radius for each location.

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Job insights

For those who want to understand how their resources are allocated in terms of their jobs, mastering the job insights is key. Located at the bottom right under the Timesheets tab of your Time Clock you will find the Job Insights. By clicking on View all jobs you will be able to get more detailed information about each job.

After you have clicked on View all jobs, you will be able to use the advanced filtering to look at a specific job. From there you can either export the information for invoicing purposes for all of your users working on that job, or you can dive even deeper and look at the specific job usage for a specific user and export that information as shown in the video below:

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To watch a video tutorial about Job Insights, click here.

Quick Actions

To speed up the process of preparing for payroll, we have added many tools at your disposal:

  1. Next employee - In the top right corner you can swiftly jump in between employees to go over their individual timesheet

  2. Chat - By click on the chat bubble you can open a chat directly with that employee to ask timesheet related questions

  3. Add shift - In case a shift was not added you can add it directly from here

  4. Add absence - Similarly, you can also add an absence

  5. Export - You can export an employees timesheet in an excel or PDF format

  6. Add shift - When hovering over a row, we also have a quick action button to add a shift record. Play around with add shift (number 3) and this quick action button to see their different uses.

  7. Remove shift - When hovering over a row you can also quickly remove a shift.

On the right side, you have the ability to add manager notes to add details to a specific shift. Similarly, your employees can also add notes when they clock out or edit a shift.

Editing Shortcuts

Editing your timesheets should also be instantaneous and we've done a lot of the work for you here as well. From the GIF above you can see how we help you do the following (in order):

  • Edit clock in/clock-out time

  • Edit break hours

  • Add daily hours for when you just need to add a specific amount of hours without necessarily caring about the clock in and clock out times

  • Add weekly hours for when you just need to add a specific amount of hours to the week without necessarily caring about the clock in and clock out times

To watch a video tutorial about Quick Actions, click here.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to reach out to our team and schedule a training session at a time that suits you best by clicking here

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