Giving your field employees access to any piece of information they need is one of the key steps of making your team’s work efficient.

Creating a digital knowledge-base in your employee’s app can be used for many important use-cases:

  • A knowledgebase of protocols or safety policies they should follow

  • An employee handbook with their vacation policy or uniform code

  • A product catalog or a database of site and job details

In Connecteam, you can use either of the following 2 features to create a knowledge-base:

The Library Feature

Within the Library feature, you can create different documents which include only plain text and images, that need to be typed in manually or pasted.

The reason that the library feature contains plain text is to allow advanced search capabilities, where users can search for any word and get the results of all the documents which include that word (Yes, like Google!)

The Courses Feature

Within the Courses feature, you can create a library that includes many different types of media - PDF, videos, external links, and even a text library (mentioned above).

This is also useful for creating onboarding sequences for new employees or training modules.

Users can search for a specific object within the module but are not able to search by text that appears within any of the objects like in the library feature, as it’s not built of plain text.

Here is a quick comparison table that would help you decide which feature you should use for creating any type of library for your employees:

No matter which feature you choose for your knowledge base, it’s always important to make a plan first.

Think about the following:

1 - What type of library are you creating? Is it an employee handbook? A Catalog?

2 - What type of media do you wish to have there? Is it only text and images or would it include other types as well?

3 - How important are the search capabilities in this library?

4 - Important - Which sections do I need to have in the knowledge base and what is their order?

For any further information or advice, feel free to reach out to our team and we would be happy to help you plan and build your knowledge base :)

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