Gone are the days when you had to go into the dashboard to check attendance and employees' status:

Who is clocked in right now? Or - who clocked in today?

Who hasn't started his day yet?

Who is absent today?

Who reached the daily work-time limit?

Now, this information is sent automatically to you, the CEO, your customers, or any other entity. With the time-clock auto-reports, you can acquire the information that you want and have it shared seamlessly with any user or email address.

Let's review the user's time-clock and attendance automatic reports.
Simply open the time-clock settings and click on "Auto Reports":

Examples and use-cases:

  • Create an "End of day" report that will mention the users who are still clocked-in, reached the daily work limit, were automatically clocked out or worked overtime hours.
    "At 7 PM - Send the site supervisor an automatic report of the users who are still clocked in"

  • Create a morning report that will show which employees are absent today
    "Every morning at 9 AM, send the HR department an automatic report that includes all users who are on a sick leave"

  • Create a report that shows who started their day or who was yet to do so
    "Send me an automatic report of all users who are not clocked in yet at 9 AM"

  • Create a "Customer report" that will present the employees who worked for that customer.
    "At the end of each day, send the facility an automatic report that presents the employees who worked there today"

Start creating your auto-reports to save time, and effort and make your daily operations run on cruise control.

**You can create up to 3 Auto Reports on the Expert plan and unlimited Auto Reports on the Enterprise plan**

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