The time clock makes it easy to track work hours of your team and It improves your payroll process. Employees can do several actions such as clock-in and clock-out, request an absence or a past shift, and view their timesheet.

All from their mobile device and on the go.

How should employees clock in and out?

Follow these simple steps to clock in and out:

  1. Click on the Time Clock in your mobile app.

  2. Click Start.

  3. Search for the relevant Job.

  4. Click End Shift to finish your shift.

  5. Click Confirm.

In the shift, you can:

  1. Add information to the shift.

  2. View daily log.

  3. View and add requests.

  4. View timesheet.


  • You can clock in and out multiple times per day.

  • You can leave a note to your manager regarding the shift.

  • If your clock in or out times are not correct, after you click the end shift, click edit to edit the shift.

How can employees request an absence?

Employees can request a Shift, vacations, sick leave, etc.

and view the status on the past requests, Directly from their mobile device by following these simple steps:

Request a shift (Forgot to clock in, had no reception).

  1. Access the Time Clock and click on My requests button.

  2. Click on Add a new request.

  3. Select Add a shift request.

  4. Fill in the details (Select the job, Start & end Time, And add shift notes)

  5. Send for approval.

Request an Absence

  1. Access the Time Clock and click on My requests button.

  2. Click on Add an Absence request.

  3. Select the type of Absence (vacation, Sick leave, PTO, etc.')

  4. Fill in the details (start & end dates, full or half-day, And add notes)

  5. Send for approval.

Done! Your employee's request will be sent for approval to the Launch Pad.

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