As an owner, having content managed and viewed by relevant personals is key.

Having an admin view and manage users profiles, time sheets, schedules and more can be a huge task to handle .

While an owner by default has access to all features and users data, admins permissions can be monitored and controlled.

For example, if your business contains certain teams with mid level managers overseeing those teams, there is no reason for manager of team number one to monitor and view all employees in team number two and so on.

So how do you as an owner set this up?

Step 1:

Promote all your relevant managers to admins by sending them the admin invite.

Step 2:

Create Smart groups based on the different teams & departments your business contains.

Step 3:

Have those smart groups administrated by the relevant managers.

For example: manager of store number one should be the administrator of the smart group "Store number one"

In order to set this up enter the users page followed by pressing on the "Admin" tab

P.S- do not forget to remove admins from the " All users group"

If you try to unassigned an admin from a smart group and get this pop up:

" You cannot remove this group as its assigned to all admins" - no worries!

Simply enter the relevant smart group from the smart group page and un assign the admin from there.

Step 4:

Assign the relevant features to the relevant admins.

Simply enter the users page followed by pressing on the "Admin" tab

*Important note: If you want your manager to be assigned to a specific time clock, Schedule, workflow and more you must assign them both to the feature followed by the specific sub feature.

Once this process is complete, your managers can enter all relevant features while viewing and managing their own personal employees alone.


Smart groups & manager permissions are available on the Advanced plan and above!

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