As a manager, creating your weekly schedule can be tedious and time-consuming.

Once you finally finish creating your perfect schedule and publish it to your team, chat messages start streaming in from your team asking you to change their shifts, if somehow they may swap shifts with fellow teammates and the list goes on.

Say no more as we have the perfect solution for that!

Shift replacement allows users to swap their scheduled shifts with their fellow qualified teammates, saving you time and effort, and saving your team the long & late-night phone calls to find replacements.

So, how can you enable shift replacements?

  1. Enter the relevant shift schedule and press on the "Options" tab located on the top right.

  2. Once the drop-down appears select the "settings tab" .

  3. Check the " Enable shift replacement requests"

  4. Press on " Save changes" on the bottom right corner.

Once enabling replacements, users will now be able to request shift swap with fellow teammates.

How does it work from the users' side?

  1. Users will be assigned to a shift.

  2. Once opening the shifts, there will be a " Find replacement" button located near their personal name.

  1. Once pressing on the replacement tab - a dropdown list of qualified users will appear to select from.

  2. Once the user selects the qualified teammate he or she desire, a replacement request will be sent to the relevant user. * until the shift is accepted by the fellow user, the shift will remain in the original user's personal schedule.

  3. Once the request is approved, the shift will automatically be assigned to the new owner of the shift.


Q. Can users see their request history?

A. Yes- each user has their personal Replacements tab where they can always view their previous requests, or previous requests they have received.

Q. Can users delete replacement requests?

A. Yes! All they must do is enter their "Replacements" tab and hit on "Sent by me".

Once entering the specific request, they will see a " cancel request" tab.

*Shift replacement is available from the Advanced plan and above.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

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