The advance package is our most popular plan for many reasons.

Its automations, ease of use, robust features and capabilities make it an absolute time-saver when running your team with minimum effort and maximum results.

In this article we answer who should sign up for the advanced plan, what top features are included and how operations can be handled.

this article will present the main operational features.

To learn about the advanced plan from a communication aspect, click HERE.

Let’s start with WHO this plan is best for:

We recommend the advanced plan to all clients with 10-25 users as we believe your experience will be optimized for daily operations.

What are the main capabilities that make the advanced plan perfect for the WHO?

User and manager management:

  • Smart groups: In a nutshell, smart groups help you automate your work by organizing your team members based on position, department and more. Smart groups are a great way to organize your employees so that you send the relevant content to the relevant groups to avoid noise in irrelevant channels. You can also assign different features to the correct users and run your team with ease.

  • Manager permission: Decide what your admin sees on their dashboard, such as users, categories or specific content.

  • Archiving users: While deleting a user deletes all records and actions this user performed in the app, archiving saves these records for admins to re-enter for review at any time they wish. In addition, once you delete a user, there is no possibility to restore the user. If you wish to add this user again then you must add him/her from scratch. On the contrary, once archiving a user, the admin can always restore this user without the need to re-invite them to the app.

  • Attach files to your users' custom fields: E.g. Attach a work contract to each user's profile, add qualifications and certificates to selected users.

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Time clock :

  • Multiple time clocks: create separate time clocks for different teams and departments, helping you run your teams ( up to 3)

  • Geo fence: Geofence is an advanced capability that allows you to create a geographic "fence" around a site or an address and have it associated with a job. In other words, to clock into that job, users must be within that specific fence or the job will not appear for them to clock into. This will save the owner time and money by eliminating buddy punching and time theft as your employees can’t clock in off site.

  • Shift attachments: Shift attachments are additional pieces of information that users are asked to add to their shift time. These could be the equipment that was used, mileage covered, who was the manager on the work-site, image and file uploads, and more.

  • Auto breaks: Automatically deduct X amount of minutes after a certain amount of hours worked. Once activated, unpaid break time will be deducted from the daily total hours for each employee according to your time clock breaks settings.

  • New customization options: This allows you to add and remove different functionalities in order to meet your organization’s needs. By toggling different switches on or off, you can affect the Time Clock's interface and functionality, so it's easy to use and intuitive for your users with any setup you choose.

  • Set your payroll period and automated reminders: Easily define your payroll period, which will be adjusted accordingly, and set up automated reminders for your employees to go over their timesheets and for managers to approve any pending changes that employees have requested.

  • Advanced filters: see who’s scheduled for a shift or job now or today and is/isn’t clocked in.

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Job scheduler :

  • Multiple schedules: create separate schedules for different teams and departments, having the relevant users in the relevant schedules ( up to 3).

  • Shift and week templates: Save shifts as templates to schedule quickly and easily! Shift templates make the dispatchers job quick and easy, saving hours of assigning shifts .

  • Quick actions: All dispatchers know that time is of the greatest essence when assigning shifts to users, especially when you have a large team of 10 or more.With quick actions, you can duplicate, publish, un assign and so much more with a click of a button!

• Import jobs: import your job list with a simple click, saving you the time to insert them one by one.

Advanced filters: Filter the schedule to show available or unavailable staff members and MORE!

To learn about shift templates click here

To learn about week templates click here

To learn about quick actions click here


  • Automated reminders: tired of reminding users to submit their Forms? Send daily, weekly, or monthly automated reminders to users to make sure they submit their Form.

  • Manager fields: With Manager Fields, you can manage the full Form process by providing feedback to your employees after each submission.For example, if someone made a stock order, you update the delivery status (approved, delivered, declined), CC the relevant personnel, mark the expected delivery date and even send notes back to the user! That way the complete Form process is managed from end to end and everyone is kept in the loop.

  • Bulk actions: With bulk Form actions, you can now easily download Form entries as multiple PDF's or as one single PDF, download just the Form related attachments, or delete multiple Form entries.

  • Real-time Form comments board: now, you can take this collaboration to new heights with a comments board, dedicated to each entry. Once an entry has been made, the shared recipients for that entry that have access to Connecteam will be able to add comments in real-time, share files, images, and more!

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Task management:

  • Manage your task settings: decide who can create tasks so that your daily operations are more manageable. And when you create one task, it’s sent separately to many users with one click, saving time and effort.

  • Separate tasks for multiple users : Create 1 task and sent it separately to many users with one click, saving time and effort while creating your daily tasks.

The "All tasks" tab: Give the relevant managers access to the company's entire task list making it easier to follow up on un completed tasks and run your daily operations more efficiently

• Duplicate tasks or save them as drafts: You can now save a created task as a draft before publishing it, and you can also quickly duplicate existing

To learn more about task settings click here.

* Honourable mention:

  • Duplication content: On the advanced plan you can duplicate any content you wish saving you the trouble of recreating folders, forms and more!

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Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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